They are recognized for offering high-end items

JL Sound W3V3 Collection Subwoofer.

JL Sound is an American maker of consumer sound products.They’ve been in business for decades.They are recognized for offering high-end items for people who do not mind spending a couple of extra bucks for added benefits.JL Audio is dealing with the growing market need for 8 ″ inch subs by using very few great versions, showcasing high toughness and also dependability.

JL Sound W3V3 Collection Subwoofer

JL Sound W3V3 Series is one of the most effective and most costly 8 ″ inch subwoofers constructed by JL Sound, it’s likewise one of the most costly below that we are going to review.Although this speaker is quite a bit costly compared to the other belows around, it offers excellent bass reaction on bass-heavy tracks, and also if you’re here, we assume that is necessary to you, and also it would certainly be very beneficial to make the most of this sub.

JL Audio built this sub with high-grade and ever-lasting materials that will not crumble under stress and anxiety from heat, wetness, or time– ensuring exact as well as regular bass outcome with a medium-power amplifier. Their excellent warmth administration functions shunt warmth far from the sub’s inner motor structure, hence raising resilience, and reducing distortion.Furthermore, JL’s considerable research study resulted in an unusual electric motor framework style that guarantees smooth, exact cone activity at any kind of power degree for enhanced reliability as well as regular bass output.

JL Sound W3V3 Collection Subwoofer

The only downside with this subwoofer is that its level of sensitivity rating is below average which negatively influences its ability of converting power (Watts) right into sound (Decibel).


Power Handling, RMS: 250 watts.
Power Handling, Optimal: 500 watts.
Frequency Reaction: 28-250 Hz.
Nominal Insusceptibility: 4 ohms.
Sensitivity: 83.24 dB.
Service warranty: 1 year.

JBL GTO804 Minimized Deepness 8-Inch Subwoofer.

Got an enthusiasm to obtain the lows bumping that drinks you up and also obtains you right in the gut? JBL GTO speakers could just fit the bill.They in fact perform admirably in both secured and ported boxes, so you’ll get bass the means you like it.

JBL has actually beened around for decades, and also they have been providing a fantastic product at a sensible price for the whole time. JBL subs are possibly the most economical subs on the marketplace offered their specifications, however do not allow the low cost fool you.The sub linked to above is still an excellent product!. With an RMS power handling ranking of 200 RMS watts and 4 ohm insusceptibility in addition to a level of sensitivity of 91 dB, this sub is certainly mosting likely to rejuvenate your stereo, bringing you music you’re much less most likely to listen to unless you go down an effective sub into the mix.Moreover, this below supplies a lower profile making it able to suit limited areas (smaller sized units that conserve you space).

Additionally, this sub features a polypropylene cone woofer with big rubber border providing excellent performance and also cost-free motion of the cone without sacrificing control.On the other hand, an integrated vent allows rapid heat dissipation that’ll keep your sub running cool and improves power handling capability.


Power Handling, RMS: 200 watts.
Power Handling, Peak: 800 watts.
Frequency Response: 30-400 Hz.
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms.
Sensitivity: 91 dB.
Warranty: 1 year.

So what’s the bottom line?

Whether or not we ‘d recommend the subs reviewed above mostly depend on what you want out of your sound system.If you don’t care anything else besides getting decent bass, and space is a real issue for you, we would definitely recommend you give one of these subs a whirl.

However, if you’re like me, and you put a lot of stock into your listening experience, you may want to hold out for something else. Even If you’re on a tight space-and-money budget, there are plenty of other shallow mount subwoofers that will get the job done.

For those of you who are looking for an easy off-the-shelf 8 inch subwoofer, here are some great options for you:.

Boss Audio BASS800 8-Inch Amplified Subwoofer with Passive Radiator.
Pyle PLBASS8 8-Inch Super Slim Active Subwoofer.
Pyle PLMRBS8 8-Inch Low-Profile Super-Slim Active-Amplified Marine/Waterproof Subwoofer System.
So what’s the absolute bottom line? 8 ″ inch subs aren’t intended for those who are looking for big bass and booming sound, but they make a great upgrade to factory systems or where space is an issue.